Brim World Elite MasterCard

Brim World Elite MasterCard is the product of brim financial company which is the leading company that offers a suite of credit cards. It was Canada’s first non-bank credit card issuer and has a full MasterCard license. It owns an online marketplace and provides an award-winning digital app so that you may keep track of your rewards and create a spending plan. All of Brim’s credit cards offer a broad selection of perks and a high rate of reward redemption. Brim financial offers three types of credit cards:

  • Brim MasterCard
  • Brim World MasterCard
  • Brim World Elite MasterCard

Brim World Elite MasterCard has many features as compared to the other two cards. I mention to you some most important features and benefits of this Brim World Elite MasterCard:

  1. The Brim World Elite MasterCard is the best card in the market which has a $199 annual fee but this annual fee is waived in the first year.
  2. If you spend $1 you earn 2 points with a 2% cash-back rate.
  3. You can easily convert your points into cash as well. 1 point = $0.01 (1 cent), and you can cash out starting from $1 or 100 points.
  4. If you use this card internationally the transition fee is 0%.
  5. You can get free global WIFI in different public places like hotels, restaurants and airports etc.
  6. $1000 mobile insurance on damage or theft.
  7. You can extend your product warranties for almost one year by using this card. 

People apply for the Brim World Elite MasterCard for several reasons, but for a $199 annual fee, this card offers several perks and bonuses. When you shop with Brim’s partners, you’ll receive expedited points and two points for every dollar spent. Additionally, this card offers free Boingo Wi-Fi, access to airport lounges, no foreign transaction fees, mobile device protection, and complete travel insurance.


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