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About a year after achieving its all-time high of $3.09, the Cardano price continues to flounder in the crypto winter.ADA may announce a 90% fall from its previous peak if the current retracement at $0.36 continues.
However, strong support in the range of $0.30 to $0.35 is likely to be useful and prevent a seller-only field day.Even though such a move would be a significant setback, it is unlikely that it will occur, given that ADA has developed into a notable cryptocurrency ecosystem since August of last year, when it was valued at $3.09.
Positively, Cardano is now closer to its floor price than it has ever been since the crypto market began to suffer from the downpours in November 2021.In addition, the extremely oversold conditions with which the smart contracts token deals negate the notion of a continued retracement.

Having said that, despite the fact that the Cardano price prediction might not be as outrageous as most people would hope, it is very likely that it will reach a new all-time high this year.

The IOHK (Input Output Hongkong), the organization tasked with building and maintaining the Cardano blockchain, has been busy working on what could be referred to as revolutionary DeFi (decentralized finance) technology solutions. Cardano Price Prediction: All Eyes Set on A New Record High With the recent release of the Vasil upgrade, Cardano reached yet another milestone.The network’s founder, Charles Hoskinson, claims that this software update focuses on scaling the blockchain.

The Cardano protocol reached a larger network capacity thanks to the Vasil Upgrade, which was accompanied by lower transaction fees and increased throughput.In addition, Cardano is making steady progress toward the Voltaire upgrade, which will introduce governance standards.

Cardano’s emphasis on decentralization positions it to play a leading role in scalability and security on the blockchain.Cardano technically changed his name from “sleeping” to “tech star” over the past year.In addition to bringing staking to Cardano in the third quarter of 2021, governments and organizations around the world have been aggressively expanding their adoption of the protocol.

Given that it rose 2,300% from $0.12 in July 2020 to $3.09 in August 2021, the prediction of the Cardano price reaching a new all-time high may be somewhat cautious.If this happens, the ADA price will rise slightly above $8.00 from where it is now.

Cardano price today, ADA to USD live

It is important to note that the current bear market conditions may limit Cardano price movement in the short term.However, ADA may rise to $15.00 during the subsequent bull run. Analyst Dan Gambardella, who is a Cardano supporter, claims that the worst of the bear market is almost over and that the only way out soon will be up.However, Gambardello acknowledges that investors are scared and are abandoning projects, particularly Cardano, despite the fact that the finish line is so close.

However, traders must ensure that the lows of the sixth and seventh candles close below the count’s eighth and ninth bars.In addition, the long positions should be realized prior to the closing of one bullish candle on the daily or four-hour chart.

Based on where the stochastic oscillator is, the Cardano price is in an oversold state.As the oscillator rises above 20.00, the OBV (On Balance Volume) will begin to rise.To validate the uptrend, a bullish divergence from the stochastic will be required.

While Cardano is a must-have in any crypto portfolio, making room for green cryptocurrencies like IMPT sets it apart from the rest. Both ADA and IMPT have the potential to rally.
The newcomer to the ESG crypto portfolio building scene is IMPT.The purpose of the platform, which is currently in its presale stage, is to add carbon offsets to the blockchain.


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